Free Mascot Design: “Jesse” the Bear

Mascot design: Jesse the bear

Alright so everyone knows mascot design makes us happy. So we’re extra happy to announce that Jesse is ready to be released into the wild! That means you get Jesse and you get him for free which should make you happy, which makes us happy, which means everyone is … OK, never mind!  So let’s meet Jesse shall we?

This tough but friendly bear has the confidence to capture the attention of any audience and hold his ground.  He was designed with a sturdy frame and kind heart and will see you through the good times and the bad. He’s got presence and like all great mascots, the ability to stick in people’s minds “Hold on a minutes, I’ve seen that bear before!”

Share this mascot design

If you find this mascot design useful we ask that you share it with other people who might appreciate it.  Important: We appreciate if you link to this article when using or sharing Jesse.  It helps us keep out little studio alive! This mascot design is released on the GNU General Public License.

"Jesse" Character Pack

Download this mascot design

You can download Jesse as a fully finished mascot design.  He comes all ready to go in one of our Character Packs.  Don’t worry if you you don’t know what a Character Pack is. It’s awesome and has Jesse inside in full color, grey scale and black and white in both vector and bitmap formats.

Big mouthful of geek speak that was.  Download it and unzip it and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Can I use free mascot as mascot of my company? Company is local. I actually want to give mascot Jesse bear to company that have organized prize contest.

    If you don’t reserve rights then I could claim rights and give it to company, if selected.

    Awaiting your response, kind regards.