Cartoon Mascot: Why Even Bother?

Cartoon mascot design ... Alive and well for all the right reasons.

Cartoon mascot design ... Alive and well for all the right reasons.

Getting a cartoon mascot is an additional expense for any organization.  So why even bother with it … I mean, is it worth the time and money getting your own cartoon mascot?  Well it’ll come as no surprised that we tend to vouch for cartoon mascots all the way but we’ll try to put our bias aside and make the case as fairly as possible.


Cartoon mascots are super sticky.  You’ve only got to see one a couple of times and they will stick in your brain.  That’s the main reason why businesses, bloggers and non-profits alike use cartoon mascots in the first place.  They make you look twice and they make you remember and associate the organization with the mascot.  All of which equals “cha-ching”.


Nothing gives an organization, product or service a huge does personality like a professional cartoon mascot.  These characters do so much freakin’ heavy lifting in the good will department it isn’t even funny.  Have a think for a moment and many more will come to mind and I bet you’ll be surprised just how many famous cartoon characters and mascots you do know about once you start thinking.

Pattern Interruption

Probably the most important reason of all, characters help perform pattern interrupts.  Let me explain, every day you go about your business and most of the things you do are part of familiar patterns.  Everywhere are “things” trying to get your attention, trying to interupt your patterns.  Billboards, the kids, TV commercials, web banners, text links, your friends, the radio … it all starts to turn into (mostly) white noise with you only giving your attention to the remarkable.  Cartoon mascots STAND OUT (like capital letters in this sentence) and make you take notice of them.  For anyone trying to get your attention, that’s a good thing.

That’s three great reasons to consider a cartoon mascot for whatever mission you are on.