Character Designs

  • Kitty Nerd

    Kitty Nerd endured some rough high school years to help you make incredible websites. He took hits from some pretty shady bully cat characters, but has now seen them peak as fast food managers and little league coaches, while he rakes in the big numbers with his coding expertise. He can knock around javascript, having […]

  • Happy and Curious

    More than anything else, people ask Happy and Curious how his parents arrived at his name. Just after he was born, his mother noticed him smiling, and his father noticed his keen interest in their fingers. The only way it would work was to have it both ways. He jokes that his parents were one […]

  • winking spikey haired squirrel with a beer in one hand and a thumb up on the other stepping on an acorn and wearing a blue shirt that reads always a good time

    Nutty the Squirrel

    Nutty the Squirrel has always had a blast reading the funny papers. Every time he thinks he’s seen it all, he finds something new that cracks Nutty up. This morning’s joke was so good, he stored it in his cheek to share it with his next tree neighbors. After they had unwrapped the crumpled, soggy […]

  • The Most Famous Cartoon Characters & Mascots – Part 2

    Part one of our most famous cartoon characters and mascots is a much loved post and we’ve been asked to follow it up time and time again. So by popular demand here you go! Enjoy these characters for who and what they are. They get into our heads and once they get in there, they have a ton of fun. I bet you’ve got characters and mascots that you grew up with … I’ve got a couple of favorites from when I was a kid, I’ll tell you about them as they show up in my list below. Here goes!


    Alfred E. Neuman

    Alfred E. Neuman

    A familiar face to every kid in America, Alfred has been there with us since we were old enough to recognize a face. Thanks for being there buddy. Your wikipedia page is pretty cool too.


  • How to hire a character illustrator

    If you have a website, comic or any of a hundred other reasons for needing a character illustrator. You will need to know how to find and hire one.

    A cartoon handyman mascot created by a professional character illustrator

    First of all you will need to establish in your own mind exactly what it is you need from the character you need designed. Is it suppose to be aggressive, passive, friendly, scary, big, small, and the list goes on.

    You need to establish to yourself exactly what your character’s purpose is, because you will need to be able to clearly transmit this information to the character illustrator. Also you should make sure the character illustrator you find asks for this information, because if they aren’t interested in your requirements, you can be sure they will not do a good job.

  • Traits of a great character design illustrator

    This article will be of interest to anyone considering hiring a character design illustrator, or becoming one themselves. Regardless of which path you are on, identifying the traits of a great character design illustrator will be of great interest to you. First we must really look at the purpose behind a character design illustrator, and then analyze what it would take to be, or identify a great one. After all, if you going to hire a someone, you want to be able to assure yourself that they can do the job.

  • 50 Most Famous Cartoon Characters & Mascots

    Could you name fifty famous cartoon characters off the top of your head? I didn’t think I could … until I got started. I’d wager if you are over 30 years old, you would recognize and know every single one of these characters. For real, every single one. In writing this post I came to realize the sheer volume of cartoon characters that have permanently infiltrated my brain. A famous cartoon character or mascot design seems to have one thing in common: they are incredibly sticky. Like it or not, they invade your head space, and never leave.

    If you are like me, some of these characters you grew up with as a kid, others you will have gotten to know and love as an adult. The one’s that made it on this list did so because of their enduring greatness to last beyond mere fad and pull up a permanent place both in popular culture and in our minds. In no particular order, let’s get this started! And naturally, all characters are copyright of their respective owners. Don’t steal them m’kay?

    1. Mickey Mouse

      Joyful, vulnerable, lovable. Mickey came into our hearts and minds decades ago and still reigns supreme. He’s like the Jesus of cartoon characters.

  • Cochlear Bionic Ear Cartoon Character

    Graham Mulvein at Cochlear UK got in touch with us wanting a new character to help communicate what can be somewhat dry information about their technology. For those of you who are unaware, Cochlear makes incredible ear implants that, well … here’s what wikipedia as to say about the cochlear implant: A cochlear implant (CI) […]

  • Cartoon Lemming Character – Follow Thing!

    We were contacted by Mathew Ogston at in order to create a cartoon character to use as a mascot for their upcoming project. This character was an interesting challenge due to the inherent traits which Mathew wanted embodied in his … Thing! Part of the Character Plan (or creative brief) included: “Character is a […]

  • Cartoon Fox

    Foxes can run the whole spectrum of emotions; from aggressive to adorable.  This cartoon fox is one we created to be friendly and approachable.  We think the end result is an very cool character that looks like he would be fun to hang with … and maybe even learn something from!

  • Cartoon Monkey Character

    Cartoon monkeys are a favorite around here. Actually we’re pretty fond of any kind of cartoon animal character. This cartoon money character is one we created for a video game website. The customer wanted a simpler look for this monkey so we ended up toning down the amount of details both in character sketch and […]

  • Robot Cartoon Character

    Got a thing for cartoon robots? Me too! Some of my favorites are the Japanese made, world famous Astroboy and the Iron Giant. This robot cartoon character is one that needed an aggresive and confident look without being too threatening or dark. The result is an assertive cartoon robot who looks like he’s ready to […]