• How to hire a character illustrator

    If you have a website, comic or any of a hundred other reasons for needing a character illustrator. You will need to know how to find and hire one.

    A cartoon handyman mascot created by a professional character illustrator

    First of all you will need to establish in your own mind exactly what it is you need from the character you need designed. Is it suppose to be aggressive, passive, friendly, scary, big, small, and the list goes on.

    You need to establish to yourself exactly what your character’s purpose is, because you will need to be able to clearly transmit this information to the character illustrator. Also you should make sure the character illustrator you find asks for this information, because if they aren’t interested in your requirements, you can be sure they will not do a good job.

  • Traits of a great character design illustrator

    This article will be of interest to anyone considering hiring a character design illustrator, or becoming one themselves. Regardless of which path you are on, identifying the traits of a great character design illustrator will be of great interest to you. First we must really look at the purpose behind a character design illustrator, and then analyze what it would take to be, or identify a great one. After all, if you going to hire a someone, you want to be able to assure yourself that they can do the job.