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  • The Most Famous Cartoon Characters & Mascots – Part 2

    Part one of our most famous cartoon characters and mascots is a much loved post and we’ve been asked to follow it up time and time again. So by popular demand here you go! Enjoy these characters for who and what they are. They get into our heads and once they get in there, they have a ton of fun. I bet you’ve got characters and mascots that you grew up with … I’ve got a couple of favorites from when I was a kid, I’ll tell you about them as they show up in my list below. Here goes!


    Alfred E. Neuman

    Alfred E. Neuman

    A familiar face to every kid in America, Alfred has been there with us since we were old enough to recognize a face. Thanks for being there buddy. Your wikipedia page is pretty cool too.


  • London 2012 Mascot Designs

    2012 Olympic Mascot Designs

    2012 Olympic Mascot Designs

    Every Olympics needs at least one mascot.  Apparently, the 1972 games in Munich the Olympics was the first time a mascot was used for the Olympics.  It was a dog (a dachshund) called “Waldi”.  That was 1972! That seems so recent doesn’t it? I would have guessed that the Olympics has been using mascots for centuries … at least! So anyway, once I got over my shock that Olypic mascots have only been around for 40 years I got to looking at the new mascot designs for the London 2012 games.  Here’ s what I discovered.

  • Free Mascot Design: “Jesse” the Bear

    Mascot design: Jesse the bear

    Alright so everyone knows mascot design makes us happy. So we’re extra happy to announce that Jesse is ready to be released into the wild! That means you get Jesse and you get him for free which should make you happy, which makes us happy, which means everyone is … OK, never mind!  So let’s meet Jesse shall we?

  • Cartoon Elephant Mascot, Mr.Bucks

    One of the funnest experiences we’ve had in recent time was the mascot design for Mr.Bucks. I mean, take a look at this guy. He’s got style, cool, pizzaz and cash dripping offa him. The client wanted to make sure that Mr.Bucks was anything but your average cartoon elephant. They key words in the creative […]

  • How to hire a character illustrator

    If you have a website, comic or any of a hundred other reasons for needing a character illustrator. You will need to know how to find and hire one.

    A cartoon handyman mascot created by a professional character illustrator

    First of all you will need to establish in your own mind exactly what it is you need from the character you need designed. Is it suppose to be aggressive, passive, friendly, scary, big, small, and the list goes on.

    You need to establish to yourself exactly what your character’s purpose is, because you will need to be able to clearly transmit this information to the character illustrator. Also you should make sure the character illustrator you find asks for this information, because if they aren’t interested in your requirements, you can be sure they will not do a good job.

  • Racoon Mascot Design

    James got in touch with us for a new mascot design. Conceptually called “Rocky” he wanted an upright, bipedal Raccoon that was confident and happy and strapped with gear such as a climbing harness and a helmet. Here are some of the concept sketches the team came up with. Rocky had to be a character […]

  • Cartoon Mascot: Why Even Bother?

    Cartoon mascot design ... Alive and well for all the right reasons.

    Cartoon mascot design ... Alive and well for all the right reasons.

    Getting a cartoon mascot is an additional expense for any organization.  So why even bother with it … I mean, is it worth the time and money getting your own cartoon mascot?  Well it’ll come as no surprised that we tend to vouch for cartoon mascots all the way but we’ll try to put our bias aside and make the case as fairly as possible.


    Cartoon mascots are super sticky.  You’ve only got to see one a couple of times and they will stick in your brain.  That’s the main reason why businesses, bloggers and non-profits alike use cartoon mascots in the first place.  They make you look twice and they make you remember and associate the organization with the mascot.  All of which equals “cha-ching”.