Discover the Mascot Character Pack

Everything you need in one Character pack

Not just a mascot design … it’s an entire mascot Character Pack!

When you order a cartoon mascot design from us, you don’t just get a single character you get an entire Character Pack: A ZIP file loaded with everything you need to use your new mascot in the real world. From your website through to vehicle graphics and billboards … your Character Pack is ready to roll when you are.


Music: “Go ‘n’ Drop” by Antony Raijekov

Using Your New Character With Your Software

With a Character Pack you are ready to use your new mascot in:

  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or any MS Office application
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash or any software that can handle bitmap and vector files

Using Your New Character Across Different Mediums

You’ll also be ready to use your new character on:

  • Websites
  • Video
  • Signs
  • Cars, Trucks and vans
  • Magazine ads
  • Brochure and flyers
  • Business cards and letterhead
  • Product labels and boxes
  • T-shirts, caps, mugs and swag
  • Large format applications such as billboards and tradshow booths
  • And much, much more

We deliver your final mascot in so many flexible file formats so you can use your character wherever you need to – or – make it real easy to pass off to a service provider like a web designer or sign writer who will love you to bits when you hand them your very functional Character Pack.

Pro Character Pack – For Game, Flash and Apps Developers

For you developers of games, flash and phone apps we also provide a Pro Character Pack which is a little different.  With this Pro Pack we provide your character with the limbs “rigged” and ready to animate.   Naturally it takes more time to set up the final artwork of your character in this manner so it is a little more expensive than a standard Character Pack.  Check our store for complete pricing information.