Kitty Nerd

yellow cat glasses dress shirt tie
Kitty Nerd endured some rough high school years to help you make incredible websites. He took hits from some pretty shady bully cat characters, but has now seen them peak as fast food managers and little league coaches, while he rakes in the big numbers with his coding expertise.

He can knock around javascript, having it run here and there as he wishes, just as if he were toying with a mouse. He loves playing with HTML even more than he loves playing with his favorite ball of yarn. He can make C++ his litterbox. There’s no coding language that stands a chance against him, or you under his tutelage.

Get ready to buckle down and study with the digital fat cat until you can turn your development obstacles into your own personal scratching post. Just please refrain from using your laser pointer during class, because it will derail his lectures. He’s an expert, but is aware of his feline limitations.