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You want people to remember you and as leaders in cartoon mascot design we pride ourselves on creating cartoon characters are memorable and “sticky”.
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Cartoon Mascot Design Services

We’ve created hundreds of cartoon characters for clients in virtually every sector and from many different countries. One of the reasons behind our success isn’t just our “Disney” quality cartoon mascots. It’s also our dedication to making you smile with fanatical customer services and a bullet-proof character design process. Watch our new Character Design Process video which walks you through our process … or read on!

Step 1: Communicating Your Ideas

We get asked all the time “We need a character for X, can you design it?” The answer is always “YES!” We can design any kind of cartoon character you need. Understand that even though we have a solid process for designing cartoon mascots that every mascot design project starts with your ideas

Before any designing begins, there needs to be what we art geeks call a “creative brief”.  The creative brief is a culmination of all your ideas which are the vision for the mascot.  These include ideas on the species, body type, height, skin color, facial expression, attitude, pose and other traits which will make up the final mascot design. When you place your order, we ask you to complete a quick Character Planner which allows you to communicate your ideas to our team. Put another way, the Character Planner allows us to download your brain! We take those ideas, give them to your artists who begin on your concept sketches.

The Character Planner lets you communicate your ideas to your team of artists.

The Character Planner lets you communicate your ideas to your team of artists.

Step 2: Concept Sketches

This is where the fun begins!  The artists then take the information you provided in your Character Planner and begin sketching concepts for your mascot.  This is even more exciting than usual because unlike some studios we assign multiple artists to you project. This means you get to see how different artists interpret your ideas and provides you with a wide range of styles to choose from. And in this business, the more options you get, the better it is for you!

Cartoon mascot design sketches of "Jesse".

Cartoon mascot design sketches of "Jesse".

Step 3: Coloring

Once the sketch is approved, the artists then convert the mascot from a pencil sketch into what we call vector art.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what vectors are, just know that they serve as an important part of the design process – and what we deliver to you as final art.   The colors used will vary from traditional flat color through to contemporary use of gradients and shading in order to achieve a modern look which have depth and subtle complexities that flat color cannot achieve.

Cartoon mascot coloring concepts for "Bidzilla"

Cartoon mascot coloring concepts for "Bidzilla"

Step 4: Delivery

Once the colored mascot design is complete, the only thing left to do is deliver the final artwork to you.

Everything you need to use your new cartoon mascot in one easy Character pack

Everything you need to use your new cartoon mascot in one easy Character pack

All artists and companies do this step differently.  We go the extra mile and provide full color, greyscale and black & white versions along with bitmap and vector file formats with every mascot we deliver in our world famous Character Packs. View the Character Pack Video and see just how much value we deliver and just another reason why we’re the leaders in cartoon mascot design.

More: What is a Cartoon Mascot exactly?

Some say the term cartoon mascot is used to describe a cartoon character designed for reasons other than pure entertainment. Common uses for a cartoon mascot include representing a sports team, a game clan, a company service, product or an entire brand. Cartoon mascot are also designed in order to add charm and personality to these entities in ways that can either be active or passive. A good example of this would be Ronald McDonald to give a burger company a friendly face or the mascot used for the NBA team, the Boston Celtics. You’ve seen hundreds of cartoon mascot designs in the course of your life and we’ve listed some in our 50 Famous Cartoon Characters which you are sure to recognize.

What about Cartoon Characters?

On the other hand, the term “cartoon character” can be used for cartoons of all kinds. It might be a character used on paper in comic strip or comic book or used on film or TV in the form of animation. You could say that a cartoon character is more often than not, used for entertainment purposes.

Then there’s both in one!

Conversely, some characters could be considered both a cartoon character AND a cartoon mascot. Mickey Mouse for example has for a long time been both a cartoon character (featured in many of his own cartoons) but he’s also the lead cartoon mascot (among many) for Disney.

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