Additional Poses

Sometimes one mascot design just isn’t enough. We’ve got you covered when it comes to getting your mascot posed and dressed exactly how you like.

Below you’ll see examples of a character called “Howie” provided as what we call Additional Poses. The original Howie mascot was created and delivered as a Character Pack and then these additional poses were created.

Multiple cartoon mascot poses from same character

“Howie” mascot in various poses and costumes.

When you require a character in a variety of styles and situations we provide additional poses at a discounted price. For example you might need the same mascot designed with:

  • Different facial expressions (happy, excited, serious etc.)
  • Different body positions (pointing at something, standing still, running etc.)
  • Different props (holding a newspaper, umbrella or iPhone etc.)
  • Different clothing (Halloween or Christmas costume, business attire, superhero suit etc.)

With Additional Poses you can quickly order as many poses as you need.  You can view more of our cartoon mascots in our Mascot Gallery or check out our current pricing on cartoon mascots.