Nutty the Squirrel

Nutty the Squirrel has always had a blast reading the funny papers. Every time he thinks he’s seen it all, he finds something new that cracks Nutty up. This morning’s joke was so good, he stored it in his cheek to share it with his next tree neighbors. After they had unwrapped the crumpled, soggy paper from itself, they said, “I can’t read this.” Classic!

Other times, he’ll use strips of the papers as strips of carpet on the floor of his nest. His guests try to make sense of the remains of the comics through his dirty footprints, but they have a hard time focusing through Nutty’s endless laughter.

Hilarious as the comics are, the puzzles keep him sleuthing for hours. If there’s an end to the fun in the funny pages, Nutty hasn’t found it yet. He goes nuts wondering, what will they think of next? You can find out with him!