Our clients say it better than we ever could. Here’s just some of what they had to say about their new characters and working with FastCharacters.com…

Both the artists and the customer support is some of the best I've ever used, you certainly deserve to use the word "fast" in your name, too. Great service!

James Penney
Camp N Shop

When relaunching Amuso.com, we had limited design resources. We knew the type of mascot we needed, and the style that we wanted -- so hiring an expensive agency would have been a waste of time and money. Instead, FastCharacters gave us the same creative options for a tiny fraction of the cost. And because we had multiple options along the way, the new Mr. Amuso was exactly what we wanted and needed. In the end, the entire process was quick, inexpensive, and true to our design vision. We will definitely use them again.

Bill Houghton
Amuso Online Game Shows

Amazing! A+ to your team and process at Fast Characters. Would use you again in a heartbeat!

Kevin Holt
Solaris Systems

Very happy with your service. I can't believe how hard you guys worked to make this mascot design come to life! Our marketing department is thrilled with the outcome.

Sepong Lee

Many thanks to team for the great service you gave to us in Germany. We love the new Fredrich mascot you made.

Hans Koflach
Berlin, Germany

FastCharacters.com is amazing at what they do and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an amazing product! THANK YOU!

Nicholas Fontenot
Bargain Bee

Thank you for such a great service - your team's tireless approach to getting it right has been a great asset to our project.

Matthew Ogston
Follow Thing

Fast Characters has their process down to a science. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a character design.

Hyder Jaffari

Thanks for the Awesome experience with you guys I really enjoyed every step of the process . I would like to thank personally my project manager Mercedes. I will recommend your services to every one 🙂

Manhal Almadani
The Site Base

The experience i had with this company was simply brilliant. very professional and helpful. Mercedes is a awesome artist and all the concepts she came up with were brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble and my final character is awesome. They seemed to get in my head and pull the exact idea I had out and put it onto paper. i would recommend this company to anyone who wants a mascot for their company. Thank you Mercedes and the team.

Andi Hill
Plymouth Rug Cleaning

I have tried many times in the past for custom artwork the way I like, but always ran into people who weren't open to the ideas and feedback (changes). This was not the case here, they made all the changes and made a great character for my site. Kudos, very fast, very professional, very reasonably priced!

John Trimback
Bobble Bums