Terms & Conditions

A good business transaction is when both parties fully understand each other.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of all these terms and conditions and act accordingly. No alerts or warnings shall be given by Fast Characters. We are fair people and hope you will work with us in the same manner.

  1. Upon receipt of project details and full payment by THE CLIENT, Fast Characters (THE COMPANY) will begin creation of a cartoon mascot (THE PROJECT). Initial concepts will be presented to the client who then has 14 days to continue the project or cancel the project.
  2. Refund Policy: If the client wishes to cancel the project after seeing the initial concepts a refund will be provided minus a $99 administration fee. If the client proceeds beyond the initial concepts all refund policies will be void. All refund policies become void after 14 days of receiving payment. Any refund policy is valid for retail clients of FastCharacters.com services only and does not apply to mascot costumes, partners, resellers or companies acting on behalf of FastCharacters.com. This policy is subject to change and is the responsibility of the client to be aware of any changes.  No alerts, warnings or notification will be given of any changes in our Terms. If any refund or guarantee disagreements arise between correspondence from Fast Characters staff and the client, then these terms shall be deemed correct.
  3. Fast Characters agrees to deliver all FINAL DESIGN files electronically to the client via email, FTP or other digital delivery method. All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the final design only are automatically assigned to the client once they take delivery of the final design. Fast Characters retains the copyright to all concepts aside from the final design delivered to the client. the client has no rights to unfinished concepts or artwork resulting from a canceled project.
  4. The client must respond by email within 5 business days at any stage of the design process. Failure to do so will result in all refunds becoming void and possible deactivation of the project. Deactivated projects will be archived. Reactivation of an archived project will potentially incur a re-activation fee of $199 per purchase.
  5. After a concept sketch has been approved for coloring, no more changes aside from color changes will be performed for free.
  6. If the client decides to terminate our services after 14 days from payment or after requesting changes to sketches or proceeding beyond the initial round of sketches or after color artwork has been provided; there will be no refunds what so ever.
  7. A project is deemed complete if the client in any way communicates with us that they want to complete the project or by asking for a final design. Not asking for final designs does not entitle the client to a refund. Fast Characters will then arrange to deliver the final designs electronically. It is the sole responsibility of THE CLIENT to ensure the final designs are error free. Any technical issues on our part will naturally be resolved free of charge.
  8. Refunds are made in accordance with our refund policy and at the discretion of management. Please contact your project manager if you have any questions regarding these fair terms.