Unlimited Concepts and Revisions

On top of our industry leading, no-fuss, money back guarantee we also provide you with something else we are very proud of: unlimited concepts and unlimited revisions!

Our Competitors Think We’re Crazy

Our competition doesn’t even come close to offering you anything like this.  Here we understand that revisions are a very important part of the creative process and we want to make sure you get into the exact mascot you have in mind.  So what’s the bottom line? Well, unlimited concepts and revisions means you can request as many changes as you wish during any given stage of the project.  This is perfect in allowing you to explore different looks and get the exact mascot or character you want!

Here’s how it works…

About Unlimited Concepts & Revisions

Simply request the change you want to see and your dedicated project manager will make sure you get new concepts to look review. Below you can see the progressive changes made during the Sketch Phase to one of our favorite bears; Jesse.

Above you can see the revisions and concepts completed on Jesse.  The final approve sketch is bottom right.

These are the concepts created for Jesse the bear mascot. The larger Jesse in the bottom right was the final choice which was then colored!

During the Color Phase, you can change the colors and get the exact look you want.  Maybe you want to see a slightly darker blue on those denim jeans, greener hair on that mohawk or more of a slimy green on the ooze on your alien … we’ll make sure you get the exact colors you want. Below you can see the Color Phase changes we made for a mascot called Bidzilla!

Here are some of the color concepts presented for Bidzilla.  The winning color pallete circled in red!

Here are some of the color concepts presented for Bidzilla. The chosen color palette circled in red!

Simple Conditions

When it comes to our policy of unlimited concepts and revisions we don’t have any small print but we do have some simple conditions…

Go for it in the Sketch Phase! Make as many changes as you want to anything you want. The Sketch Phase is for you to explore every single aspect about the way your character looks.

Color Changes ONLY in the Color Phase! Once you are in the Color Phase you are only allowed to change the colors of your mascot.  Any other edits during this stage (such as a change of pose, change of facial expression, change of clothing etc.) may require an added fee depending on how much we have to back track. Or put another way, the time to explore what your character looks like is during the Sketch Phase, when those edits cost you nothing!

If you’re still unsure on how this all works then go ahead and watch our quick Character Design Process video which will explain how the different phases work.

Unlimited, within reason: Lastly, note that our customers get unlimited concepts and revisions within reason.  We reserve the right to terminate any project and issue a refund (minus a $99 administration fee) on any project we feel is experiencing an unreasonable amount of revisions. After designing hundreds of mascots, we haven’t had this happen yet!