Marge Simpson to pose for Playboy cover

According to a recent press release, one of the world’s most recognizable female cartoon characters is about to set a first, so some  will have us believe.  Marge Simpson, wife and mother of America’s favorite dysfunctional family is going to pose for the November issue of Playboy magazine.


Marge is being reported as “the first cartoon character ever” to be featured on the cover of Playboy.  This is well hyped and not surprisingly the reaction to this event has been varied and heated, but is it accurate?

Not really.  According to a flood of responses, it seems Leroy Neiman’s “Femlin” cartoon character was the first cartoon character to be featured (in August 1960) and was subsequently featured many times. Some say that a Playmate dressed as Jessica Rabbit took the honor in their November 1988 issue … we argue that’s not really a cartoon character so much as someone dressed up as a cartoon character.

What do you think … should Marge be doing business with Playboy?

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